Upper Klamath River:

Choose From Our One Day Wilderness Adventure Or Two Day Riverside camping trip.


The federally protected Wild & Scenic Upper Klamath river is the most fun and exciting whitewater trip in Oregon .  It is also one of the premiere rafting trips in the entire world. The Upper Klamath is a great rafting trip for everyone from first timers to seasoned rafters. It flows out of the Cascade Mountain range in Oregon and proceeds 17 miles, through a secluded canyon; ending at beautiful Copco Lake in California. In these seventeen miles we descend thru 40 plus rapids on the 1 day wilderness adventure, and 80 plus rapids on the two day riverside campout. The first five miles on the river will be spent in calm water , which allows us to get comfortable in the raft, practice paddling skills, and admire the beautiful scenery. This warm up section is why the Upper Klamath is so great for the first time rafters. The next seven miles are spent in the mighty Hells Corner Gorge where we will encounter a plethora of class four rapids.  If you want to see where the term White-Water came from, this section of the Klamath is definitely for you; cascading down Caldera rapids first, then thru; Ambush, Gunsmoke, Hells Corner, and other classic rapids. You will find yourself having the time of your life ! Next, all the laughter and excitement the of the gorge section passes behind us and we pull the rafts over in a beautiful tree lined meadow, where we indulge on a gourmet picnic lunch. The last five miles on the river are spent floating through the rolling hills of California, where you'll have time to work on a suntan, engage in friendly water fights, swim thr ough some smaller rapids, or reflect on the lifelong memories you and your loved ones will carry away from this trip. On top of the great rafting, the Upper Klamath trip has abundant wildlife, fascinating history, great trout fishing, and the best scenic locations for camping and picnic lunches.

The wildlife includes: river otters, muskrats, deer, bob cats and black bears, which are consistently observed and photographed on our Upper Klamath trips. The Klamath River is also located in the Pacific Flyway; a major migratory route for a great variety of birds, golden and bald eagles, ospreys, pelicans, green and blue herons, and Canadian geese. There is also a great deal of wild west and Native American history in the area, which stems from the gold rush in the mid 1800's. There is the abandoned hot springs resort of Beswick, remnants of mining sites, and old wagon trail ruts that are still visible along this journey. Our love to share the history of the area with you in your rafts.  Campfire time, which is on the overnight trips, is also a great time for little did you knows. Above Copco Lake, the Klamath river is managed as a wild trout fishery with rainbow trout up to 7 pounds that are caught using flies and spinners.

Two Day Riverside Camping Trip:

There is so much recreation and fun available on the Upper Klamath trip it's hard to enjoy it all in 1 day. On our two day trips we run different sections each day. On day one we raft the first two sections of the river and return via four wheel drive trail to a beautiful riverside meadow camping at the historic ruins of Frain Ranch. The Frain Ranch stop is where you can try your hand at catching those great rainbow trout, throw some horse shoes, or just relax in the sun. We ' ll take care of all the details ; from setting up your tents to preparing your meals.

The night will begin with appetizers and a gourmet dinner of your choice, which includes; wild ocean caught salmon, halibut, or excellent marinated steaks on the barbecue, with fresh vegetables and your choice of refreshments: local microbrews, wine, milk or sodas. Top all of this of f with a delicious fresh Marion berry or black berry cobbler. Then sit by the campfire under the stars that tell stories and revel in all the days' events.

You will a waken the next day to the sounds of hotcakes on the griddle , served with your choice of omelets, eggs any style , and bacon or sausage topped off with trail coffee and a variety of fresh juices. After breakfast we plunge through an exciting seven miles of whitewater all over again. After we stop the rafts by a beautiful meadow and eat lunch, which is prepared with a variety of breads and cold cuts , at least three different types of cheeses, and freshly cut fruits; the rest of the rafting will bring with it a new section of river that is spent floating through the rolling hills of California. This section of river is five miles of serene beauty and it is perfect for a sense of closure to an illustrious trip.  You'll have time to work on a suntan, engage in friendly water fights, and swim thr ough some smaller rapids, or reflect on the lifelong memories you and your loved ones will carry away from this trip.

All of us at the Adventure Center look forward to seeing you and your loved ones on the river especially the Upper Klamath: our favorite rafting trip. This trip can also be combined with our Lower Klamath trip for up to five days of rafting and camping.

Trip Specifics:

  • Meeting place: All Adventure Center trips depart from our convenient location , which is located downtown on the plaza in Ashland. Transportation will be provided to and from your hotel. Long term parking is also provided for all overnight trips.
  • Meeting & Return times: 1 day trips depart at 8 am , returning at 5:30 pm. For all multi-day trips , departure time is 8 am and return time is 5:30 pm. The return time is flexible ! If need ed, you can come back early; or, we can come back a couple hours later in case you are having too much fun.
  • River rating and age limit: The river rating consists of class 2-4+ (minimum age 10, excellent trip for first time rafters as well as families looking for excitement).
  • Trip Length: One or two days, depending on whether you choose to go with the overnight riverside campout or not . The upper Klamath can also be combined with the Lower Klamath for trips up to five days.
  • Meals: Our half-day trips come with a real continental breakfast and a gourmet deli style lunch, including; cold cuts, salad, fruits, veggies, chips and salsa, refreshments, and a huge cookie.   There are also options for vegetarians and special requests at no extra cost. All Multi-day trips come with the gourmet three course dinners, breakfasts, and lunch.

    Dinner is our specialty ! Some options for dinner are grilled salmon, steaks, and Dutch oven cooked meals. Dessert will consist of our famous Marion berry or Black berry cobbler.

    You will wake up to the sound of hotcakes or French toast on the griddle and be posed with your first crucial decision of the day. omelets, eggs any style , and bacon or sausage topped off with trail coffee and a variety of fresh juices.

    For lunch we stop the rafts by a beautiful meadow and have a variety of breads and cold cuts with at least three different types of cheeses, freshly cut fruits, and many different refreshments.
  • Equipment: All Adventure Center equipment is top of the line and is provided for your comfort. Equipment includes great tents, professionally laundered sleeping bags, comfortable air mattresses for placement under your sleeping bag, and waterproof bags & containers for your possessions. We also provide wet suits, splash tops, and neoprene booties for early or late season trips. All of our rafts and boats are the best of quality, with excellent maintenance that keeps them in top shape.
  • Guides & Staff: Anyone who has taken an Adventure Center Trip can tell you that our entire staff, from van drivers to guides, is the best in the industry. Unlike other companies, the Adventure Center has almost no employee turnover. You will see the same charismatic professionals year after year. This allows us to run all our rivers with returning professionals and it assures that all of the procedures are run smoothly.  We have a guide named Jerry who has navigated these same rivers for 25 years; that's the experience that other companies talk of, but we let our faculty stand as the truth! All guides are swift water certified, C.P.R and First Aid certified, and undergo an intensive week long guide camp on the powerful Class 5 Cal-Salmon and Scott rivers. Our excellent employees are the reason we have repeat customers or, as we like to call them, friends who return year after year.

Upper Klamath Trip Prices:


(16 & under)

1 day wilderness adventure

$ 135

$ 125

2 day riverside campout

$ 339

$ 315

3 days + lower Klamath

$ 469

$ 425

AAA, Family, Corporate and Group discounts available.



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