Owyhee River:

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In 1985 the Owyhee River was added to the National Wild & Scenic Rivers. Flowing through Oregon’s Grand Canyon the Owyhee River is an oasis in the desert. The remote location of this trip reveals stunning beauty natural hot springs, towering canyon walls, Native American petroglyphs, bighorn sheep, and great rapids are all experienced in the Owyhee River.

The Owyhee River can be rafted in the Spring. Snowmelt runoff upstream from the Owyhee Mountains breathes life into the river. In the summer months the Owyhee is unnavigatable. This is the most remote, naturally pure & secluded trip the Adventure Center offers. Put your thoughts at ease in the geology of the deep canyon with spectacular sheer cliffs, pinnacles, and spires all while sitting in a natural hot spring.

The wildflower bloom along the Owyhee coincides with the rafting season. Indian paintbrush, and other wildflowers abound. Waterfowl including Canadian geese, ducks and their young are seen frequently on the river. Ospreys, falcons, eagles, and other raptors soar overhead in the thermal upwelling over the canyon. Bighorn sheep can be spotted grazing on the steep slopes, or drinking alongside the river. This trip is a chance to float through serene canyons, to navigate thrilling rapids, and a chance to experience and enjoy the wild and untamed Owyhee. While immersed in this pristine natural environment you and your family forget all about the hustle of everyday life going back to simply enjoying each other in nature. We begin the Owyhee Adventure as your guides,and finish, as new friends with great stories and fellowship

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